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Summer Fun with Kids

por BOLD SUPPORT julio 13, 2017

Summer Fun with Kids

Summer Fun with Kids

I know I tend to stick to ‘food,’ so this blog is slightly off topic.  But this is about a topic I love – kids!  My first career was teaching, and in between years of teaching, I spent some time at home with three kids.  I think it is safe to say I spent lots of time with kids, inside and outside the home. 

Summer was always exciting, but also challenging keeping those little people active, healthy, and happy.  I thought it would be fun in this blog to share some projects and activities that kept the Campbell kids (and their friends) busy and happy.  I’m kind of a big kid at heart so I enjoyed these activities every bit as much!

  1. Tie Dye:
  2. Paper Mache:
  3. Visit a local farmer’s market.
  4. Pick berries and make cobblers or jam together:
  5. Ice cream in a baggie: PlantPure Recipe Video!
  6. Make a campfire for the evening and roast veggie dogs for dinner. Provide a variety of toppings for a “Build A Dog” dinner. 
  7. Plant an herb garden.
  8. Visit the library weekly and teach them how to find their own favorite books.
  9. Plan meals together and include those entrees they can participate in such as pizza night, potato night, pasta night…. This is a great time to cut your apron strings and let them create the entire meal!
  10. Bike and hike: Find trails and parks nearby that you can explore.  Bring lunch, have a picnic, and get some exercise.
  11. Visit museums that are hands-on and kid friendly.
  12. Tour a local business. Many bakeries, pizzerias, or restaurants will give you structured tours if you can gather 8-10 kids/parents for a ‘field trip’. 
  13. Attend outdoor concerts and festivals.
  14. Camp out in the backyard.
  15. Relax and stay cool in the movie theater! Many theater chains offer $1 children’s movies every week on certain days. Check out theaters in your area for more information. 


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