PlantPure Affiliate Resources

Welcome to the PlantPure Affiliate Resources page! Here you will find information about the PlantPure Affiliate Program, as well as videos, guides and other resources that you can use to promote your link to the PlantPure store.  

In addition to the resources on this page, you can access memes and other pictures that already have your affiliate link integrated into them via the secure PlantPure Affiliate Portal where you can also view your stats and reports.  

Introducing the PlantPure Affiliate Program

PlantPure Affiliate Portal - Access your affiliate dashboard, including links, memes/creatives, conversion stats and reports.

PlantPure Affiliate Toolkit - View program descriptions, coaching tips, cooking ideas and recipes.


How do I sign-up?

Simply go to and fill out the simple form (starting June 22nd)


Where do I sign-up? (starting June 22nd)


Is there a webpage?


What is the commission?

PlantPure Inc. offers a 5% commision of total retail price.


Does PlantPure offer incentives for customers to purchase their products through the Affiliates?

PlantPure provides a one-time $10 off coupon for your customers to use on their first 20-pack order of frozen food.


Do I have to fill out a 1099?

You do not have to fill out a 1099 when you start, but as soon as you hit $500 in revenue within a year, we will send to you a W-9 form to fill out submit before receiving your next affiliate share.


Are there any fees to participate?

There are no fees to participate - this is a completely free program


How often do I get paid?

Revenue share checks will be sent out at the end of each month


Is the revenue sharing on all products?

Yes the program applies to all products


What about reduced price or sale items?

The revenue sharing does not apply to products that are on sale or reduced in price for a special promotion.


Do I have to be a health coach to participate?

No you do not have to be a health coach - the program is open to all interested parties that are a citizen of the United States.


Can I be an affiliate if I live in Canada?

We cannot ship food to customers in Canada yet. We require packaging changes and fulfillment infrastructure, which we are working on.


Quick Tour of the PlantPure Affiliate Portal

How to Create a Custom Affiliate Link

PlantPure Challenge Flyer (1-page)

PlantPure Challenge Flyer (editable 1-page Powerpoint slide) - Add you own affiliate URL to the bottom of the flyer using Microsoft Powerpoint

PlantPure Entrees and Kitchen Starters Description (6-pages) - PDF includes links to nutrition info and ingredients

Plant-Based Diet Testimonials - View and share testimonials of people who have experienced a whole food, plant-based diet.

Plant-Based Diet Evidence - View stats and evidence of the power of a plant-based diet.

PlantPure Online Education Kit - This is a free 28-day online training component participants can sign up for through the PlantPure store. It includes 7 days of warm-up emails and videos to help participants prepare for a Jumpstart Program, which is then followed by 21 days of emails that have short educational videos (less that 5 minutes each) with medical experts discussing the health benefits of plant-based eating and coaching videos on a variety of topics.

Nutrition Info and Sample Nutrition Plan for 10 Days of PlantPure Meals  

Here are some videos that you may want to share (along with your affiliate link) to educate people about plant-based eating and PlantPure products. You can also find more videos on our YouTube channel - PlantPure TV.

Plant-Based Eating 101

This is a great 2-minute video to share on social media and/or your website to quickly explain to people what is a whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet.

Introducing PlantPure Entrees

This video shows close up pictures of 10 PlantPure Entrees and their benefits. (length: 2:40 )

Jumpstart Scenes from the film PlantPure Nation

This 5-minute video shows select 10-day Jumpstart scenes from the film PlantPure Nation, and it's great for showing some of the benefits people have experienced while eating plant-based in just 10 days.

PlantPure Kitchen Starters

This short video slideshow shows the PlantPure Kitchen Starters line. (length - 1:26)

Type 2 Diabetes + Kitchen Starters

Take the PlantPure Challenge (33 seconds)