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The Path to
Good Health

PlantPure Corporate Wellness provides a scientifically proven method to improve your employees' health and reduce healthcare expenses.

PlantPure Meals

We Make It Easy and Delicious to Adopt a Plant-Based Lifestyle

PlantPure offers a wide range of delicious and affordable meals including 15 frozen entrees, all made from whole food, plant-based ingredients and served in generous one-pound serving sizes. PlantPure can deliver meals directly to employee homes or in bulk to the worksite.


  1. Participants purchase the frozen entrees for home delivery.
  2. Employers can purchase a pallet or more of frozen entrees and then store in a freezer at their location and pass through the entrees without markup, or even subsidized to employees (the lowest cost option). Freezer space requirements available upon request.


PlantPure Health and Weight Loss Seminar

An immersive and motivating five-hour ONLINE seminar experience from the producer of the hit documentary films Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation!

PlantPure Health and Weight Loss Seminar

PlantPure’s Health & Weight Loss online seminar helps people transition to better health through motivational education and access to delicious, low cost meals – delivered to your door!

  • Five 1-hour online seminar modules
  • A quiz with each module to document that the employee has absorbed the material
  • 30-page downloadable seminar workbook
  • Special PlantPure food discounts




Food, tips, and more!

Physician led Jumpstarts are designed for employees who would like to go a little deeper, by experiencing the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet for 10 consecutive days.

The 10-Day Jumpstart Program includes:
  • 20 frozen entrees
  • PlantPure Nation DVD & Cookbook
  • Motivational videos and resources
  • 1-Year subscription to our monthly corporate wellness newsletter


"I did the 10 day Jumpstart and my cholesterol dropped from 192 to 164 and I lost 10 lbs.! The Jumpstart was easy to follow and delicious. All my heartburn is gone! I will continue my journey on the plant based food meals."
- Bonnie Barrett-Fose, Salina, KS

Over 80% of all healthcare costs are linked to lifestyle-related chronic diseases**

In a series of Jumpstarts done as part of the PlantPure Nation film, participants experienced an average of the above results. Individual results may vary.
Journal of Health Education Research and Development