A La Carte Kitchen Starter pack


Have you ever wished you could have the convenience of pre-made dinners with the ability or customize them? Well, now you can with PlantPure Kitchen Starters! PlantPure Kitchen Starters are meal starter packs that provide the sauces, seasonings, and other dried ingredients for your next plant-based meal. Better yet, they allow you to customize the starches, beans, veggies, and any other components to your taste preferences, seasonal produce availability and dietary restrictions such as gluten free or organic. Kitchen Starters make creating healthy, plant-based meals quick, easy, fun economical, and delicious!

Click on the Starter Pack of your choice to view nutritional and ingredient information along with an instructional preparation video. 

Each packet can be used for the preparation of 4 one pound servings of food!


To view the nutrition info for all PlantPure Kitchen Starters, click HERE.

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CARE ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? We are very committed to protecting our environment, so over 95% of our shipping materials are environmentally friendly, which allows them to be disposed of with ordinary household trash. We use recyclable cardboard boxes, and the cotton enhanced insulation material for our frozen meals is completely biodegradable in less than one year as tested by ASTM D-6400 and meets the 2013 FTC Green Guidelines.

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