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Say hello to HealOurVillage.com, the social media network that empowers and connects grassroots activists, community leaders, and public policy advocates. Our mission with this platform is to heal our world from the bottom up through informed and inspired local action.

We will not measure our success by the amount of time you spend on this website, but rather, by the time you spend with others, solving problems in your community. We also will measure success by the ripples created by our most successful innovators.

Heal Our Village was created so that success in one community could be captured on media and replicated elsewhere. Our goal is to launch a massive cycle of social invention and learning. Importantly, we respect your privacy. We do not spy on our users to gather marketing data; we have a different financial model.

Heal Our Village is sponsored by ​PlantPure​, an organization committed to a health revolution through a whole foods plant-based diet. Income from food sales will be used to support this website. PlantPure also is committed to sharing 50% of its profits with nonprofit organizations involved in its grassroots movement strategy