From Food to Freedom Documentary Film

You can learn more about this film here.

The same film crew responsible for PlantPure Nation recently completed a new film called, From Food to Freedom. A project of the nonprofit PlantPure Communities, From Food to Freedom tells the story of a live-in immersion program in Greensboro, NC with six participants (and two spouses) diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

As we go through the immersion, we hear from participants of their past struggles living with such a dreaded disease and we watch firsthand as they suddenly change their diet from a standard American diet to a whole food plant-based diet and achieve unexpected and astounding results. Their individual stories and the story of the immersion also creates the opportunity for digressions into the topics of nutrition, chronic disease, immunity, and the Covid pandemic.

 From Food to Freedom opens our eyes to the possibility of transformational change in society and it charts a hopeful pathway for people wanting to live free of disease and costly pharmaceuticals.