Meal Starters Cookbook

In addition to the recipes on these pages, you can try out our new PlantPure AI recipe tool at This tool replicates the culinary style of PlantPure Chef Kim Campbell, while providing an endless array of recipe possibilities based on your own preferences!

PlantPure AI

Each PlantPure Meal Starter comes with a simple recipe on the back. We suggest you try this first, then check out the bonus recipes in this database. Just click on the name of the meal starter under "Categories" to see the original recipe, plus one or more bonus recipes.

Keep coming back because we'll be adding more bonus recipes as we create them.

And of course, feel free to experiment with your own recipes using these meal starters. If you come up with a good one, contact us and we’ll consider adding it to our database so others can benefit from your creativity.

We hope you enjoy all these options!

Mole Sauce

This mole sauce combines a rich chocolate flavor with the spiciness of a standard enchilada sauce. It's a versatile sauce that can be used on almost anything.

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Chik’n Salad

Many of us remember the classic chicken salad that was a favorite sandwich filling. This is a perfect replacement featuring soy curls, vegan mayo, veggies and herbs. 

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This traditional crunchy cabbage salad is made with a few simple ingredients and is a go-to side dish for almost any occasion.

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Potato Salad

A potato salad that says "summer, sunshine and picnics," but without any of the unhealthy ingredients in a traditional potato salad.

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Loaded Nachos

Loaded nachos are the ultimate appetizer - perfect for a big “game day.” These crispy oil-free corn tortillas are piled high with veggies and vegan nacho sauce. And best of all, you can customize this recipe with all your favorite toppings.

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Creamy White Bean Soup

This hearty and flavorful White Bean Soup is loaded with fresh vegetables, beans, and spices. It's a delicious creamy soup perfect for serving in a bread bowl - comfort food at its best!

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