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Healing patients with plants!

We first met Dr. Andrea Espinoza at a PlantPure Health & Weight Loss Seminar and Jumpstart in Thibodaux, Louisiana. She offered to attend the seminar to provide medical insight for any questions that arose. Dr. Espinoza is a pulmonary and critical care physician who also happens to be plant-based.

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One woman's journey to cure diabetes.

Wilma Stoy’s first visit to the emergency room for a DVT (deep vein thrombosis) blood clot in her leg was in 2015.  At the time she weighed over 350 lbs. but considered herself to be generally healthy.  The emergency room physician only focused on the DVT and did not mention weight loss or any other risk factors that may have been contributing to her condition. 

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SOMOS'S Nathel Hernandez

Five years ago, Nathel and her husband moved to New York City.  She thought that she was eating the same diet but found that both her weight and cholesterol began to creep up.  Coincidentally, Nathel was working for a physician at SOMOS, Dr. Ponieman, who promoted a plant-based lifestyle. She observed how passionate Dr. Ponieman was when talking to his patients about PlantPure Jumpstarts and the amazing health improvements the patients experienced as a result....

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The Maple Center in Terre Haute, IN gets on board with PlantPure Jumpstarts

For the past decade, the Maple Center in Terre Haute, Indiana has been inspiring their community to make healthier lifestyle choices. The Maple Center is a nonprofit integrative health education center that offers classes and workshops in mind, body, and spirit to optimize wellness. The Center is fueled by 12 highly motivated volunteers with a mission to improve the health of people living in the area.

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