Dr. Campbell Recordings

The Dr. Campbell 90th Birthday Celebration Summit

The Celebration Summit, held April 2024, celebrated the 90th birthday of plant-based pioneer, Dr. T. Colin Campbell. This all-day event included exciting conversations that culminated with the discussion of a major movie production that will inspire and accelerate the plant-based movement!

Included in this summit package are four fascinating video conversations, each about an hour in length, followed by a Q&A, as follows:

  • Meaningful insights from the person who launched the plant-based movement: Dr. Campbell shares his life insights through an intimate discussion with his son, Nelson.
  • Reflections on the historic events that catalyzed a movement: Nelson hosts two conversations with the co-authors of the landmark book, “The China Study,” and the producers of the hit documentary film, Forks Over Knives.
  • A visionary strategy for a powerful movie: Nelson talks with Oscar-winning writer, David S. Ward, who wrote the script for this powerful motion picture concept (with actors!) titled Dr. Campbell.
  • An ending Q&A: Dr. Campbell, Nelson, and John Corry answer questions posed during the summit.

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The Dr. Campbell Story Series

Dr. Campbell’s life story, his life reflections, and core beliefs are shared in this series video conversations between Dr. Campbell and his son, Nelson (7 videos with over 7 hours of content).

Video 1

Video 1: In this conversation, Dr. Campbell discusses his childhood growing up on a farm, and the values instilled in him by his parents. He shares stories of hard work, education, the importance of integrity and the lessons he learned from farm life. He reflects on experiencing a connection to nature and the profound understanding of interconnectedness that it instilled in him

Video 2

Video 2: In this conversation, Dr. Campbell discusses his college years at Penn State and Cornell University, including how he managed to go from a small dairy farm in Virginia to the lab of a famous nutritional researcher at an Ivy League school. The story then moves to his employment at Woodard Research in Virginia and then at MIT, where he isolated one of the most toxic compounds ever discovered. Finally, Dr. Campbell is joined in the conversation by his wife, Karen, when the recount how they met and reflect on their lifelong partnership.

Video 3

Video 3: In this conversation, Dr. Campbell discusses his journey from leaving MIT to joining Virginia Tech and later working in the Philippines. He shares stories of anti-war protests at Virginia Tech and the poverty and inequality he witnessed in the Philippines. He also explains how he became interested in researching the effects of animal protein on cancer and conducted complex mechanistic studies. Dr. Campbell also discusses the impact of his mother-in-law’s death on his commitment to his research. And finally, he recounts his epiphany about the complexity of biology and the role of multiple mechanisms in cancer development.

Video 4

Video 4: In this conversation, Dr. Campbell discusses the background and implementation of the historic China research project. He describes how this research focused on the relationship between diet and disease and utilized a more wholistic study design within a country which, at that time, provided the perfect living laboratory for the most comprehensive such study ever conducted. Dr. Campbell discusses the challenges he faced in getting government approval from both sides, and the key role of his Chinese collaborators. He also discusses a life-threatening condition and the way in which he recovered from this. 

Video 5

Video 5: In this conversation, Dr. Campbell discusses the growing hostile reaction to his research, corruption in government, and the decline of academic freedom, and how he ended up responding by writing with his son, Tom, the landmark book, “The China Study.” Dr. Campbell also addresses the failure of the government and healthcare system to explain to people the connection of nutrition to immunity and Covid outcomes during the pandemic. Nelson and Dr. Campbell then end this video with an interesting discussion of the concept of wholism.

Video 6

Video 6: In this conversation, Nelson and Dr. Campbell discuss how a reductionist perspective has taken hold of the plant-based community. They explore the confusion in the plant-based community about what constitutes a healthy plant-based diet and how this confusion has given rise to extreme dietary beliefs and practices that make it hard to sell a plant-based diet to traditional eaters. Topics include saturated fat, calcium, so called “superfoods,” and nutrient supplementation. They also discuss the need for more wholistic thinking in the practice of medicine, and the need to empower physicians to help lead the revolution toward a plant-based world.

Video 7

Video 7: In this last video, Nelson and Dr. Campbell have a far-ranging conversation about number of interesting and provocative topics, including the food-climate connection, a research strategy led by a world-renowned climate researcher focused on what may be the only solution to climate change, the impact of artificial intelligence on our understanding of health and nutrition, an expanded and morality-based view of wholism, a mysterious family story involving a relative of Dr. Campbell, the need for a more compassion-driven argument for plant-based nutrition, the rights of animals, and reflections on the future.