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Thursdays at 6:30 PM EST

PlantPure Kitchen Live

The best way to master plant-based cooking, shopping, and so much more.

6:30 PM ET

Learn recipes the whole family will love. 

This weekly interactive cooking class is hosted by PlantPure Chef Kim Campbell, author of the PlantPure Nation and PlantPure Kitchen cookbooks and the culinary whiz behind our homestyle entrees.

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"Kim’s classes are great for experts in the kitchen as well as novices like me! She provides resources about where to get various ingredients, what kitchen tools are helpful, and gives many cooking tips and secrets. Kim is a pro at knowing just what ingredients go together to produce amazing flavors."

- Kit Genet

"My favorite thing about Kim’s cooking is her passion for teaching people how to make healthy food taste great! She is genuine and very easy to learn from, I always enjoy watching her in action whether it's live or virtually, she has years of experience and I always learn something new that I get to go home and try for myself."

- Trish Smith

"Kim Campbell is not only an expert in the development of nutritious plant-based recipes, but she has a passion for teaching. What I have learned from Kim has allowed me to make recipes that my family and friends love, even friends that aren’t strictly plant based! Her techniques are interactive and so much fun to watch. I always learn something new."

- Betty Fudge

"Kim’s warmth and authentic way of presenting delicious recipes makes every class a great learning opportunity for us.  At the end of each class we came away with recipes and ideas that our family and friends loved. Kim’s cooking classes have made living a whole food plant-based lifestyle not only fun, but easier than we ever imagined!"

- Jana Dana

"I love her cooking classes, Kim’s cookbooks and recipes are a staple in our house! She’s so down to earth and not only makes it look easy, but makes you know you really can do it too! What a great community she builds around her classes and food."

- Deanna Smith

"At Kim's classes, you leave having laughed a little, learned a lot, and love the food!"

- Elizabeth Fiorentino Williams

"I've been WFBP for 40 years and Kim's classes took my expertise to the next level for sure. She's one of the best creative cooks and teachers in the movement. Go Kim!!!!"

- Kathy Reynaert

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