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Frozen meals that are actually healthy?
It's about thyme.

Long ago we discovered that people like to eat real food, not chemicals. So we crafted our meals entirely from whole, plant-based ingredients - things like carrots, soy beans, and roasted red peppers. And we never use artificial preservatives, added oils, fillers, or whatever the heck xanthan gum and hydrolized soy protein are.

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Dive into savory comfort foods
that you know and love.

Here's a no-brainer: plants taste good. In fact, they taste so good that we were able to replicate those scrumptious comfort foods you love, this time using only plants. Mac n Cheese. Pad Thai. Barbecue. With more than a dozen choices from around the world, there's something to evoke nostalgia in everyone. It's home-cookin', no cookin' required.

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“Fantastic! I’m completely blown away by the quality of my new ceramic vase and will be placing another order very soon.”
- Joanna Rose

We're healing our environment,
one meal at a time.

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