At PlantPure, we receive a lot of emails, messages on social media, and videos from people who have experienced the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.  Below are just a few of them.  By the way, we invite you to share your PlantPure story with us!


“I did your 10-day Jumpstart program and was really pleased with my results! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I’ve been eating a plant-based diet for almost 10 years, but I wanted to participate to help me become more disciplined in terms of eliminating the unhealthy carbs and processed foods that had slowly creeped back into my diet and has been increasing my weight over the last few years. I was also very attracted to the convenience of healthy, frozen, whole-food options and figured that I could help assist others who were making a transition to plant-based eating. I was intrigued by the results that were being achieved in the PlantPure Nation video and wanted to see how my body responded so I got a biometric screening right before and right after my 10 day Jumpstart. Not only did I lose 5 pounds, my total cholesterol went from 200 to 159 and my LDL went from 105 to 71. There’s nothing like seeing the proof in numbers to keep you motivated and on track. In addition, the food proved to be very convenient and also tasty! Thanks for all you are doing to help make this world a healthier place!” – Donna D.

“I am SHOCKED at how much of a change this has done to me already. I am 6′ 1″ @ 355 lbs. I started eating your meals 4 days ago. I have already lost 6lbs. More importantly I take medication for my diabetes. For the last month I could not get it below 268. Since eating your meals, it has been on average of 140. Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you guys have done and most importantly making these meals available. If it was not for that I don’t think I would have ever started this.” – Jim P.

“I wanted to share my and my husband’s experience with the 10-Day Jumpstart. I was pleased to see that my cholesterol level went from 180 to 171 but was absolutely shocked to see that Tom’s went from 194 to 164!! I didn’t even know that was possible. We’ve already been on a vegan diet for many, many years, but I have to admit we were eating too much processed food and sugar.” – Judy P., Bend, Oregon

“Hi! I wanted to give you a quick update after the 10 days! My mother’s total cholesterol went down 18 points and triglycerides went down 140 points! My total cholesterol went down 41 points, LDL went down 27 points, and my triglycerides went down 68 points! I am thrilled with these results after just 10 days and appreciate all you guys are doing to help people live healthier lives! – Suzanne L., Knightdale, North Carolina

“I did your 10 day Jumpstart and was really pleased with my results. My total cholesterol went from 200 to 159, my LDL went from 105 to 71 and I lost 5 lbs.! Thanks again for all you are doing to make this world a healthier place!” – Donna D., Cherry Hill, New Jersey

“I am a 40-year-old nurse in an ICU unit and have lost almost 25 lbs. since beginning a plant-based diet. I had gotten to the point where I was so exhausted after working several long shifts in a row, that I would do nothing for 2-3 days. I was also suffering from chronic vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even on supplements.

I watched PlantPure Nation on Netflix out of boredom one night and it made me realize what I was doing to myself. As a nurse, I understood the importance of nutrition for my patients, but ignored it for myself. I was 298.8 lbs. on January 1 of this year and am now 274.1 lbs. In four months, my cholesterol has gone from 207 to 165, and my triglycerides have gone from 158 to 75 with no medication. My fasting glucose went from 114 to 104 in a month and my A1C had been steadily climbing but is now 5.9. I have a ton more energy, no longer suffer vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and have taken up walking and weight lifting. I am currently working on my family to improve their diet. Thanks for the info and helping give me the tools to change. I still have a long way to go but it seems possible now. ” – Lisa Lynn Trent, RN

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