Nelson's 1/24 Update

Good Evening!

Last week we had a wonderful experience in New York City with our new healthcare partner, SOMOS Community Care.  SOMOS is a network of over 2,500 independent physicians serving a population of Medicaid patients in four of the five boroughs of New York City.

The founder of SOMOS, Dr. Ramon Tallaj, is an inspiring leader committed to the idea of community-based healthcare.  He has fought hard with his team to organize independent physicians into an organization focused on meeting the needs of people often left behind by the traditional healthcare system.  You can read more about the life story of Dr. Tallaj and the organization he founded here.

I am excited to announce that we are going to work with SOMOS to launch a community-wide campaign in New York City, beginning in the Washington Heights area, to bring the healing message of plant-based nutrition to as many people as possible.  Utilizing all that we have developed to date, this campaign will be led by the physicians and staff of SOMOS.  Once we validate this project in New York, we will take the same model nationwide through our Healing America Campaign. 

We are excited because this opportunity represents the summation of all our dreams and work to date.  Most of all, we are honored to work with an organization like SOMOS, committed to a community-based approach that leaves no one behind.

Before ending, I also wanted to draw your attention to a video we produced on the progress of our Healing America Campaign (including our opportunity with SOMOS).  We hope you can watch and then vote for this video here. This video has been nominated as a finalist in a film competition being held by Sharecare and The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences! Thank you so much for your vote, and please share this with your family and friends - voting ends this Friday!

Finally, please share with your family and friends the pioneering work we are doing, and encourage them to subscribe at  We will have many exciting updates to share this year, and we need the enthusiastic support and involvement of as many people as possible, especially as we begin taking our community model across the nation.

Until next time,

Nelson Campbell

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