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Saving our planet

I had a nice weekend with my family at the NC coast this week.  I have been coming to this beach since I was two years old, so this is like a second home to me . . . and I am acutely aware that its days are numbered.

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Nelson's Update 8-2-19

The nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PPC) held a webinar this week for people wanting to learn more about the Pod Network, and what is involved in becoming a Pod leader.  Their presentation included two Pod leaders sharing their experiences.  It’s gratifying to see the good being done through the Pod Network, and how quickly it’s growing.

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Our partners at SOMOS Community Care in New York City are making great progress.  SOMOS is validating a program we created that enables physicians to prescribe to their patients a 10-day education and food supported immersion.  We call this our PlantPure Rx Program. 

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Nelson's 5-24-19 update

We are close to completion of a new meal starter product line that we will put into production for distribution into low income communities at very low prices. We will ensure affordability by waiving our profit margin on these products. We intend to distribute these products nationwide, as part of our national campaign strategy, and eventually overseas as well.

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Nelson's 4-12-19 Update

As I have written in past newsletters, we are working with SOMOS Community Care, a network of over 2,500 physicians in New York City, to launch and validate a program to heal patients through plant-based nutrition.  We call this our PlantPure Rx program.

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Nelson's 3/22 Update

We just turned a corner with the arrival of Spring here in North Carolina.  Spring means sunshine and warmth, a burst of color, and best of all, March Madness!  Yes, I love to play and watch basketball.

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Nelson's 2/22 Update

Well, it’s that time again, another presidential campaign season has started.  I won’t predict an outcome, but I can say with certainty that we will hear lots of emotionally charged rhetoric and many of the same empty promises from politicians on both sides of the aisle who claim that they can solve our problems.  Ever see that movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray? I wish we would consider a different approach altogether.  Our politics have been dominated by two schools of thought and two political parties.  I am not a fan of either because I think the paradigm they are operating within is flawed.  We bounce between the two, always feeling like change is coming, but we are bouncing between...

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Nelson's 2/8 Update

Good Afternoon, I have a couple of exciting announcements, but first want to give those of you who have supported us through food purchases at Publix stores and online a big “Thank You!”  We could not survive without your support.  For those of you who live near a Publix store, but have not tried our meals, please keep this in mind next time you make a shopping run.  For those of you who have bought our meals online, we will have our inventory fully restocked by late February or early March.  Now, on to our two announcements. We recently launched nationwide an online seminar program we have been working hard to develop over the past year.  This is a five-hour,...

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Nelson's 1/24 Update

Good Evening! Last week we had a wonderful experience in New York City with our new healthcare partner, SOMOS Community Care.  SOMOS is a network of over 2,500 independent physicians serving a population of Medicaid patients in four of the five boroughs of New York City. The founder of SOMOS, Dr. Ramon Tallaj, is an inspiring leader committed to the idea of community-based healthcare.  He has fought hard with his team to organize independent physicians into an organization focused on meeting the needs of people often left behind by the traditional healthcare system.  You can read more about the life story of Dr. Tallaj and the organization he founded here. I am excited to announce that we are going to...

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Nelson's 1/4 Update

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday and are getting your New Year off to a good start.  While it’s often hard to come back from vacation, I must admit I am feeling pretty excited about getting 2019 started. When we embarked on our PlantPure journey, we were motivated by a vision for how we could get the plant-based nutrition message into mainstream society.  This vision recognized that there are certain elements important to enabling dietary change, and that any effective strategy should include all of them. These elements include inspiring education, affordable and tasty food options, community support, and importantly, the enthusiastic involvement of informed physicians.  Building an organization focused on any one of these elements...

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