Nelson's 1/4 Update

I hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday and are getting your New Year off to a good start.  While it’s often hard to come back from vacation, I must admit I am feeling pretty excited about getting 2019 started.

When we embarked on our PlantPure journey, we were motivated by a vision for how we could get the plant-based nutrition message into mainstream society.  This vision recognized that there are certain elements important to enabling dietary change, and that any effective strategy should include all of them.

These elements include inspiring education, affordable and tasty food options, community support, and importantly, the enthusiastic involvement of informed physicians.  Building an organization focused on any one of these elements is hard enough, let alone trying to tackle all of this at once, but tackling all this at once is what we chose to do.  We’ve faced many challenges that sometimes seemed insurmountable, but persevered and now find ourselves on the brink of a groundbreaking opportunity.

We are starting 2019 with the opportunity to fully implement our community campaign model in a single city, working with a large independent physician network.  This is a model that includes all the elements mentioned above, even leading to a strategy for financially incentivizing physicians to utilize a food-as-medicine approach.  Once we get traction in this first city, we will begin scaling this model across the nation through our Healing America Campaign.

We are making final arrangements, and once these are done, I will be able to share more information, so stay tuned!

I hope all of you are well rested and energized for the New Year, and as always, thanks for your continuing support.


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