Nelson's 2/8 Update

Good Afternoon,

I have a couple of exciting announcements, but first want to give those of you who have supported us through food purchases at Publix stores and online a big “Thank You!”  We could not survive without your support.  For those of you who live near a Publix store, but have not tried our meals, please keep this in mind next time you make a shopping run.  For those of you who have bought our meals online, we will have our inventory fully restocked by late February or early March.  Now, on to our two announcements.

We recently launched nationwide an online seminar program we have been working hard to develop over the past year.  This is a five-hour, high-impact seminar experience that takes participants through every phase of the plant-based diet, from the science to cooking and community support.  It also includes video testimonials from people with life-changing stories.

The seminar is based on a program that was piloted in Florida.  With important contributions from Steve Kehoe, the creative development of the seminar was led by John Corry, who also produced Forks Over Knives and our film, PlantPure Nation.  Best of all, it’s only $89.  No, you don’t have to pay for plane tickets, a hotel and a conference fee to learn about a plant-based diet.  You can do this from your home, and if you already know the benefits of a plant-based diet, you can refer your loved ones to this program.  You can find more information on our seminar at

I also should note that this program was recently licensed by SOMOS Community Care for use with its physicians, staff, and most of all, its patients.  As I noted in our last newsletter, SOMOS is a network of over 2,500 independent physicians serving Medicaid patients in New York City.  And this ties to my second announcement.

The nonprofit PlantPure Communities (PPC) is holding a webinar to introduce our project in New York City involving SOMOS Community Care, PPC, and PlantPure.  We believe this project will demonstrate a model that could transform the way healthcare is delivered in this country. 

This will be an informal webinar, beginning with a short presentation by me, and then a second short presentation by Dr. Diego Ponieman, Chief Medical Officer of SOMOS.  Dr. Ponieman will introduce the SOMOS organization and the community they are serving, then discuss a few details around the SOMOS-PPC partnership and plan.  We will leave plenty of time for questions from the audience.  You can register now for this free webinar, scheduled for February 12 at 7 PM ET. 

I hope you can join use for the webinar, check out our new seminar program, and most of all, hope you are all doing well.

Until next time,

Nelson Campbell

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