Nelson's 5-24-19 update

Good Afternoon,

It has been a while since I last wrote in our newsletter. We have been busy here at PlantPure and have passed some critical milestones, putting us in a position to begin working on some new strategies. I will have more to say on these things later, but for now, can briefly address a couple of these opportunities.

We are close to completion of a new meal starter product line that we will put into production for distribution into low income communities at very low prices. We will ensure affordability by waiving our profit margin on these products. We intend to distribute these products nationwide, as part of our national campaign strategy, and eventually overseas as well.

We also are getting ready to ramp up our media production. We have two internet shows we are considering, one that will include commentary and guest interviews, and another that will focus on culinary instruction.

In addition to our work at PlantPure, I should note that the non-profit PlantPure Communities (PPC) is engaged in an exciting initiative to build a coalition among health advocates and environmental groups around the mission of raising public awareness of the food-climate connection. PPC spearheaded a successful summit meeting last week in New York, which is expected to lead to a unified and eventually funded plan of action.

Lots of interesting stuff happening, and we look forward to sharing more on these and other initiatives we are planning as they happen.

Until next time,

Nelson Campbell

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