A Few Last-Minute Kitchen Gifts

Kim Campbell, our director of culinary education, has a few recommendations for last-minute gifts for your family’s chef.


Silicone Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs: $10–$15

I use these tongs for tossing and turning vegetables that I roast in the oven. You can also use them for salads, grilling, and serving hot dishes.


Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer: $35–$45 

This is a tabletop spiralizer that is very stable and includes three sets of blades. If you like to spiral or cut fancy raw vegetables, you will love this little machine. It’s a step up from the handheld spiralizer and works faster and with greater ease. I have both and much prefer this version.

Paderno Handheld Spiralizer, 2-Blade: $19.95

This small handheld tool can turn almost any vegetable into long “noodles” and add texture and beauty to salads. It has two stainless steel blades for flat ribbons or thick spirals. It’s much smaller than the standard tabletop spiralizer, making storage easier. It’s perfect for smaller entrees and salads.


Taco Bowl Makers: $8–$12

The Miles Kimball Nonstick Taco Fluted Dishes come as a set of four. These little bowls are a perfect change from burritos or tacos. Drape the tortilla in the bowl, bake at 400 degrees for 5–10 minutes, and wipe clean. The tortillas come out shaped like bowls and crispy if you bake them long enough. There is no need to use oil since they never stick to the nonstick surface. I love using tortilla bowls for salads, chilis, and taco bowls filled with beans and Mexican toppings.