A PlantPure Seminar Testimonial: Annie Oliver

When January 1st, 2018 rolled around, Annie Oliver knew she had to make a change to improve her health.  Like many women, Annie had struggled with her weight for years, gaining and then losing the same 25 pounds.  She tried the Paleo diet and lost 30 pounds, but unfortunately, she regained the weight. The thought of eating all of that meat and cheese again literally made her feel ill.  

Two things happened that helped guide her to a solution.  Annie’s sister had recently changed to a vegan lifestyle and, as a result, had lost weight and felt great.  At about the same time, she saw an ad for the PlantPure Health and Weight Loss pilot program in her local newspaper and was intrigued since it was not a fad diet and seemed nutritionally sound.  

Annie attended the PlantPure classes and began sharing the information with her boyfriend Don.  The turning point was when they watched PlantPure Nation together.  It convinced Don to try plant-based eating and piqued his interest in what she was learning.  Annie took to plant-based eating right away. She said, “It was such a treat to be able to eat fruit and whole grains again!”  She loved the food and found eating this way easy and satisfying. By the end of the class, they were both completely committed to their new plant-based lifestyle.  

Annie experienced more energy, better sleep, and, best of all, effortlessly lost the weight and kept it off.  Don had used nasal spray due to chronic sinus problems and was addicted to the medicine for many years. He tried stopping several times without success, but within 3 months of changing to a plant-based diet, he was able to discontinue using the nasal spray.  His arthritis and muscle pain disappeared, and he also noticed that his recovery time after workouts significantly improved.

Both Annie and Don had family histories that concerned them.  Annie’s father had surgery for heart disease and Don’s father passed away from pancreatic cancer.  They now feel that they are being proactive about preventing these diseases. Their positive changes have trickled down to their families as well, motivating them to begin eating more plants.

Annie appreciated the delicious and convenient PlantPure frozen entrees, especially in the beginning as they were transitioning to the lifestyle.  She works 12 hour days and found that having meals ready to heat was a huge lifesaver. Annie and Don also found that shopping and cooking was a fun new hobby they enjoyed together.  Their most important transition tip? “Focus on creating a lifestyle that you love and brings you joy and good health!”