A PlantPure Testimonial: Matt Gagnon

Six months ago, Matt Gagnon weighed 100 lbs more than he does today and was on medicine for two different chronic diseases.  Matt had been on many diets over the years and had gained and lost 60 to 80 lbs multiple times. His diet was mostly meat and fast food, so how did he break this unhealthy cycle?  He watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and was so inspired that he decided to try juicing for 2 months.

The first four days were miserable as his body detoxed from the daily soda, caffeine, and junk food.  By the end of the week, his body felt lighter and cleaner, plus he had a clear mind. He joined a plant-based support group on Facebook where he learned about this new lifestyle.  When he was ready to transition from juicing to real food, he had already had the information and skills necessary to adopt this way of eating. After only consuming juices and water for the previous 2 months, all of the wonderful flavors of a plant-based foods tasted amazing.  His taste buds had already changed, making this step both easy and delicious.

Matt describes himself as a plant-based eater with no intention of ever going back to his old lifestyle.  His cholesterol has dropped from 234 to 167 and today he only takes one medication for his thyroid. When asked why he thinks this new lifestyle will stick, he replies, “It is not just about weight for me anymore, but about being healthy and how great I feel.”

When someone asks Matt for his advice because of his amazing transformation, he recommends  watching a few documentaries. After that, if they are motivated and interested in change, he is happy to help them.  Matt thinks the hardest part is just getting started. He recommends simply taking one step in the right direction. As he always tells people, he started hundreds of diets, but with plant-based eating, it is different; there is no dieting, just eating healthy and tasty food.  For Matt, seeing and feeling the results of a plant-based lifestyle is the best motivation to keep him on track and healthy!.