A PlantPure Testimony: Sherry and Jim Willis

Two years ago at a family wedding, I ran into my cousin and her husband - Sherry and Jim Willis.  They were interested in our plant-based lifestyle and asked some questions. We followed up the meeting with a few phone calls where we discussed what we ate and the type of recipes I liked.  I didn’t think too much about the conversation as Sherry and Jim ate the standard American diet and change can be difficult. Fast forward a year and my mom ran into Sherry and Jim at a family event. She was pleasantly surprised by their transformation.  They looked slim, fit, and ten years younger!

I recently discovered  how they made the transition.  They had been trying to follow a paleo diet and had lost 10 lbs, but found the food  repetitive and boring.Their weight plateaued after only a 10 lb loss. For years, Sherry had little skin bumps on her legs, shoulders, and fingers that doctors could never explain. Jim was on a statin for high cholesterol of over 300.  e was also experiencing muscle soreness in his shoulders as a side effect of the medication that was affecting his golf game. Sherry watched Forks Over Knives and read the China Study and found the science very compelling All of these factors lead them to try something different.

To start, she enrolled in the PlantPure Jumpstart education program and started making recipes out of the PlantPure Nation cookbook. Both Sherry and Jim  quickly lost 10 lbs and began to feel more energetic.  Sherry remembers that prior to eating plant-based, it was hard to get up in the morning but now they wake-up feeling energized and ready to go.  Working out is now part of their morning routine!

Jim’s cholesterol   below 200 and he is now completely off statin medication.  His muscle pain disappeared and he lost 35 lbs and isis enjoying golf again.  e Sherry lost 25 lbs and her chronic heartburn has been eliminated as well as.  the bumps that were on her legs, shoulders, and fingers! She found it amazing as they had been there for such a long time.

Sherry will quickly tell you that she is not a perfect eater, but she will also tell you that she feels her best when eating plant-based.  I believe that transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle is a journey, the more we are gentle and accepting of ourselves and gain insights like this, the easier and more enjoyable the journey will be!