A Story from the Road

Since my last blog, we have had several successful screenings. One consistent theme has been the stories we hear from people who have been healed from plant-based nutrition. In one screening, a lady stood up in the Q&A to share a story about her partner, who was sitting next to her.

This person had been on insulin for type 2 diabetes for several years when he heard about a plant-based diet. He made the change in his diet and his glucose numbers started improving. He went back to his doctor and asked that his medication be lowered, but his doctor wouldn’t cooperate, and got so frustrated with his ‘unstable’ glucose readings that he told this man to go off the diet so that he could continue his prior dose of the medication. Fortunately, his patient then took matters into his own hands and weaned himself off his meds. 

When I hear stories like this, I am reminded of the incredible power of plant-based nutrition, and what can happen when people are denied this information. I also am reminded of the wisdom of our approach, focused on raising awareness among people so that they can become their own best advocates, and then out to help others do the same. It will take this sort of grassroots effort to reshape society around this powerful health truth.


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