A Testimonial From PlantPure Challenge Winner Derick Harrington

"Hello everyone, my name is Derick Harrington and I've been plant based for 4 years now and wow has it changed my life!

First off, I'm from south Louisiana which many of you know revolves around food, hence the reason I got to weighing in at over 278 lbs! Every weekend was all about where my next meal or my next drink would come from, my world revolved around food and alcohol! Five years ago my brother in law Josh Lajaunie decided to go WFPB. At the time I thought he was insane! After about a year of seeing his progress and watching the weight fall off and seeing how this lifestyle was affecting his health I decided that I had nothing to lose and slowly got on board and it was the best decision I've ever made!

It was extremely difficult at first with all the peer pressure and my love for meat and alcohol! At this point my entire family had gone WFPB. I was the only one who hadn't made the switch yet because I was scared to death! Since going plant based I slowly became interested in running as a form of exercise. At first I couldn't run a  tenth of a mile without feeling like I was going to die. Fast forward three years I ran my first ultramarathon which was a 50k, I ran my first half marathon in February of 2017 and decided to jump straight to the 50k so I immediately signed up and committed to cleaning up my diet and training. I've lost a total of 110 pounds so far and still going! My family is my support group, without them I would be nothing today!

I was overweight, had extremely high blood pressure and cholesterol. I also had an autoimmune disease and was also on the verge of type 2 diabetes! After going plant based, within 2 months my blood pressure and cholesterol were normal again and I was cured of my autoimmune disease! These days I'm sitting at a very healthy 168 lbs, healthy as could be and I owe it all to a plant based lifestyle! My family has lost more than 1200 lbs as a unit and gained our health back! My wife and I had been trying to conceive for almost two years before we transitioned to WFPB with no luck at all, after 6 months of being WFPB we were able to finally get pregnant! To this day I still say that we would have our perfectly healthy, happy little 2 year old boy if it weren't for the WFPB way of life! I'm beyond blessed and extremely happy and proud of myself and my family! If we could do it, anyone can do it!”
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