An Interview With Jeff Sandborn

Jeff Sandborn lived a pretty average lifestyle following the motto “everything in moderation”. That is why he was surprised to find himself being flown by helicopter to a hospital at the age of 46, where doctors put two stents in him. He was only slightly overweight (35 - 40 lbs), had only slightly high LDL (112-118 mg/dL), and ate everything in moderation. The surgery definitely got his attention and he began making small improvements with his eating habits. Fast forward 2 ½ years and Jeff found himself only slightly healthier. He still took medications for cholesterol and high blood pressure and still had 15 - 20 lbs to lose.

Several things happened that changed the direction of his life. First, a friend and business supplier mentioned that his wife had started him on a plant-based diet and both his cholesterol and weight had dropped significantly. Second, someone told him about PlantPure foods. Jeff is a farmer and spends long hours working, so finding the time or energy to prepare his meals was challenging. He found that heating a PlantPure entree was easy, convenient, and delicious. Finally, he also had the realization that if he did not make significant changes, he would be on medication for the rest of his life, and that was not something he wanted.

Due to the combination of these events, he made the decision to go all in and become plant-based. The results were amazing. Within a few months, Jeff’s weight dropped close to his high school weight and his LDL plummeted to 70 mg/dL without medication! Jeff’s goal was to create a lifestyle that would last a lifetime, without going back and forth on fad diets.  He is quick to point out that he is not perfect and every now and then he allows himself a slice of pizza. He feels that just knowing he has that flexibility makes this lifestyle something that is both manageable and enjoyable.

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