Christmas for Your Kitchen

Still need some holiday gift-giving ideas? We polled the team here at PlantPure to see what folks recommended and what they simply couldn’t live without. Here are the results!

  1. Start with the basics: a good knife (or set of knives). Regional Manager Katya Trent says this is the one thing she just couldn’t do without, and she also advises getting a good sharpener as well. Communications Manager Amy Bissinger is very partial to her bird’s beak paring knife: “It’s my go-to for cutting up salad veggies and paring anything. I love the shape!”
  2. Our culinary expert, Kim Campbell, suggests the Silpat non-stick baking sheets, which she says are “great for placing on a cookie sheet or for rolling out pies or cookies.”
  3. Pod Director Laura Dietrich highly recommends a microplane for zesting.
  4. Regional Manager Alex Brown says a spiralizer is helpful, and Kim seconds that. She notes that while there are quite a few on the market, her personal favorite is made by Paderno World Cuisine.
  5. Social Media Manager Hadley Johnson loves her Vitamix, an endorsement shared by Kim and Alex. Kim also suggests the Nutribullet as an alternative.
  6. Regional Manager Preeti Kshirsagar recommends a good set of stainless steel pots and pans. She says “I’m also always on the lookout for a good non-stick pan that is not loaded with chemicals.”
  7. Events Coordinator Caroline Dyar recommends a salad spinner, great for quickly drying greens of all kinds.
  8. Another suggestion from Kim is the Instapot. “These pressure cookers do a variety of things such as slow cook, saute, steam, cook rice and make yogurt,” she says. “They are about $125, but well worth the money since they will save money and time.”

We hope this list gives you some great holiday gift ideas, and stay tuned for more later this week!

Photos courtesy of Amy Bissinger, Hadley Johnson, and Laura Dietrich.