Getting Fit for Free

Submitted by guest blogger Kat Calvin.

Working out on a tight schedule can be tough. Between family, work, and wanting to have a social life, finding the time and money to go to the gym, find a class, or struggle through the weather for a quick run can be daunting. And what if you’re new to working out? You need something quick, easy, and free. If you can do it in your living room, even better.

That’s where YouTube becomes your new best friend. There are a lot of great workout videos on YouTube that take 30 minutes or less and require little to no equipment. Pull one of these up on your phone, iPad, or TV and get in a quick workout before you start your day. 

Fitness Blender

Free, full-length, strength training workouts that require little or no equipment.


Free, full-length workouts featuring trainers you’ve heard of, like Jillian Michaels, Billy Blanks, and Denise Austin.

Jenny Ford

Sometimes the classics are the best. Grab something to step on and do some old-school step aerobics for free. 

Spark People

Great workouts; lots in the 5–10 minute range for when you’re really crunched for time. 

Women’s Health/Men’s Health

Great workouts with and without equipment.


Kat Calvin is a brand and marketing strategist, a writer, and a Netflix aficionado. Kat became a vegan three years ago after learning about the health, climate, human, and civil rights impact of the meat and dairy industries. Now she does her best to eat plant-based and share the joy of a plant-based life with others. Find her @katcalvinLA on Twitter and Instagram.


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