Healthy and Fun Easter Baskets for Kids

Plant-based, healthy Easter baskets for kids can be done without sacrificing the colorful and fun appeal of a traditional Easter basket. Rather than filling the basket entirely with sugary items, include a few of them, but swap out the rest and try some of these ideas.


1.  Fun and unusual fruit can be even more exciting for kids than plain milk chocolate.  Some fun fruit ideas are:

  • kiwi
  • mango
  • pomegranate 
  • rambutan (these can usually be found at an Asian grocery store, if you can’t find them in your standard store)    


  • Dragonfruit


  • starfruit 
  • kumquat       

2.  Rainbow carrots are another fun and colorful item   

3.  Zevia is a great soda alternative, as a treat. Zevia is free of artificial sweeteners and comes in 15 flavors, with 12 caffeine-free options. 

4.  Fresh berries and clementines


5.  Colored popcorn: Put your kernels in a paper bag with a few drops of food coloring, shake the bag so the coloring is evenly dispersed, and microwave.

6.  Plastic egg fillers: trail mix, dried berries, and non-food items. Try some of these cheap and easy ideas for non-basket items, as egg fillers, or just as basket stuffers:

  • sidewalk chalk
  • jump ropes
  • peel-off tattoos 
  • craft items (stickers, stamps, markers, etc.)
  • notepads
  • water guns and balloons
  • frisbees
  • gardening tools and vegetable seeds (check out some fun gardening gifts for kids at uncommongoods)
  • Legos
  • puzzles
  • Play-Doh
  • kites
  • colorful socks
  • iTunes gift card
  • ABC magnets
  • Silly Putty
  • books
  • egg-shaped bath salts/bath bombs

7.  While you don’t want to fill the entire basket with sugary items, here are a few suggestions to include as treats:


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