Hey Vegans! You Hungry?


Eating Vegan Food: Made Easy

There is an estimated one million people in the United States who identify as vegan. However, not many people know what veganism is, or what meals are strictly vegan. The following blog is a run-down of general information about veganism, the challenges, and the solutions to those challenges.

What is Veganism?

Veganism is a way of life in which one strives to exclude all forms of exploitation or cruelty to animals. This includes any food, clothing, or other materials that are a result of extracting resources from a living animal.


The term “vegan” was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson of the Vegetarian Society. Though there had been a society on the lives and processes of vegetarians, there was no term for strict vegetarians. Watson used the term in this news letter, called The Vegan News. Originally, the term was meant to mean “non-dairy vegetarians” however, the term was expanded in 1949 to exclude any exploitative actions against animals.

Why is it Difficult?

It is very difficult to live a fully vegan life. This difficulty comes with the fact that the United States is a large proponent of dairy and meat-based foods. On any menu, in any restaurant, it is very difficult to find meals that are, in their entirety, vegan. Almost all items at a restaurant have some form of dairy or meat mixed into the meal. It can be difficult for a vegan to order food at a restaurant, as they must ask questions about the food and instruct to have their meal made in a specific way.

Eating Vegan

Veganism has gained some popularity and received not only acknowledgement, but respect. In some restaurants, you must ask for protein. In fact, new businesses are being created every day that serve plant-based foods, such as Cafe Yumm and others.

Whole Foods has also been constructed to make it easier for vegans to access foods adjusted for their needs. However, in most cases, these grocery stores have organic foods that must still be cooked. Plant-based meal delivery is still a business that has yet to receive the attention it deserves.

Reasons for Delivery

Much like anyone else, vegans sometimes get hungry but lack the energy to cook their food. For non-vegans, getting food is as easy as dialing a phone number. There are countless options for those who are non-vegans. However, if you are a vegan, your delivery options dwindle by a lot. A menu with 20 options can quickly shorten to maybe one or two — most likely salad. Well, if you are a vegan and wish for a wider variety of delivery options, PlantPure is perfect for you!

Why PlantPure Inc.?

PlantPure is a plant-based meal delivery company that believes that vegans should have access to many delicious food options. Our company offers meals with many different and delicious plant-based options. Not only will you be following veganism ideals, but even PlantPure packaging is environmentally friendly.

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