Nelson's 6-7-2019 update

I am feeling optimistic today! I just heard something I have never heard from the mainstream media. 

 On a CBS news show, a physician reporter discussed a provocative new study, which suggests that both red and white meats have similar effects on cholesterol.  The physician reporter explained that the food-cholesterol connection is more complicated than it was previously assumed, and that perhaps animal protein, present in both red and white meats, is a key factor in causing high cholesterol.  She also discussed the gut biome as a possible factor in this chain of causation.  And best of all? She encouraged viewers to move from animal to plant foods.

I have never heard these points made together, in this way, by anyone in the mainstream media.  I have not talked to my father yet, but know he will be pleased to hear of this.  I remember him saying, all the way back in the 1980s, that there was no scientific justification to say white meat was somehow healthier than red meat.  He has always maintained that both kinds of meat have the same kind of protein, and they both lack the protective factors found in plant foods.  He also has talked extensively about how our food consumption affects our gut flora, negatively in the case of animal foods, and positively in the case of plant foods.  So many things we are now hearing were said by my father decades ago.

I should mention that my father is nearing completion of a third book.  This book will delve more deeply into the history of nutritional science, and will also show how the reductionism of the past is still with us today, even creeping into our own plant-based community.  So stay tuned!

I hope all of you are doing well, and as always, thanks for your continued support

Nelson Campbell