Important PlantPure Food Update

Last Friday night we launched the new version of our PlantPure Entrees on Amazon, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are humbled by some of the great reviews, and are also taking note of the suggestions people have provided.  
One thing we noticed was a trend of some of our meals being delivered with seals that were not fully intact. After further investigation with our fulfillment partner, we realized that the seals at the ends of some of our trays (presently in warehouses in Washington and Virginia) were insufficiently sealed and are now coming apart.  We have discovered that this breach in the seals was due to a faulty sealing process during production by our co-packing partner.  Although these meals are still contained within a sealed box and are not dangerous to consume in any way, we here at PlantPure strive to bring only the highest quality products to our customers. For that reason, we have decided to discontinue the sale of our current meals and will resume sales as soon as the problem
has been corrected.  

We wanted to be fully transparent with you because we value your support and honest feedback.  Again, thank you for helping us in our efforts to bring whole food, plant-based nutrition into the mainstream and make it easier for people to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.  We will be sure to notify you once our meals are back online.    
The Team at PlantPure