Nelson's 10/5/18 Update

On November 1, the nonprofit PlantPure Communities is holding its annual Party with a Purpose event in NYC.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

My father, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, will start off the evening with some discussion about the importance of grassroots action to promote the message of plant-based nutrition, and then I will follow with some discussion about how we can do what he suggests.  Executive Director Jody Kass will finish the presentation segment with a short update of recent progress by PlantPure Communities.  Once the presentations are done, we will have a lively Q & A session. If you are interested, you can find more detail here.

Much has happened since our last event a year ago.  The Pod network continues its impressive growth, now including over 500 Pods and involving more than 100,000 people!  Several Oasis initiatives also were supported by PlantPure Communities over the prior year, testing strategies for getting the plant-based nutrition message into underserved communities.  Most exciting, an unprecedented opportunity has developed to partner with large physician network to serve underserved neighborhoods in New York City.  We will share more information on this after the project launches.

In addition to these areas of focus, PlantPure Communities will spearhead an effort in 2019 to promote the food connection to climate change.  Many people do not understand the severity of climate change, nor do they understand the role our food choices play in this problem.  We are discussing strategies now for how PlantPure Communities might take the lead to raise public awareness on this important point.

If you are in the NYC area or can get there from someplace else, please consider coming to our event on November 1, and if you cannot make it but still want to participate, we will be livestreaming the event. 

Until next time,