One Step at a Time

As seen through our TV and computer screens, the world can seem like a pretty dark place. But I have great optimism for the future, because it is always the deepest darkness that prompts the greatest light.

There is a thought that I believe will soon emerge, leading us to a new paradigm for how societies ought to function. On its face, this thought may seem obvious, but I would argue it has been far from obvious over the course of human history.

At the root of all our trouble is greed, hate, or a combination of the two. We know what hate is, but let me clarify that when I say “greed,” I am not talking about only money. I am talking about greed for the illusory things of this world that seem important but mean nothing: money, power and fame.

Importantly, these forces have wreaked their havoc because they have often been expressed strategically. Corporations sometimes pursue business strategies that corrupt our political system, kill off the free market, and degrade our environment.  Countries carry out carefully constructed strategies of war that effectively kill and maim. And terrorists, not content to merely kill and maim, commit these acts with forethought, in the most graphic way possible, simply to instill fear.

Yet, there is another force that has shown in countless ways to be more powerful than all the rest, and that is the simple act of love. Yet we pay only lip service to the idea of love. We tell one another in our spiritual traditions and in all kinds of other ways that we should love, but we have had no serious transformative strategy for its societal expression.

In my opinion, we need to use love in the same way that others strategically wield their weapons of hate and greed. In my view, this means a strategy that enables millions of people to reconnect to themselves and those around them to build a more compassionate world. I don’t believe the force of compassion can ever operate through government or corporations. This is a force that flows only through the hearts of individuals.

I wrote this blog entry as a prelude to the introduction of our PlantPure Pods in August. I believe we have developed a strategy that provides organization, inspiration and funding for a new social movement, one driven by millions of people working together to build a better world. I hope we can demonstrate a new paradigm for the future, one that can be applied later to other pressing problems.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We will walk our way to success, one step at a time.

Nelson Campbell


PlantPure Nation