Recommended Reading: The Pillars of Health

Recommended Reading: The Pillars of Health 

The Pillars of Health, by plant-based activist John Pierre, was chosen by Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, as a “favorite read.”1   Pierre addresses wellness in four parts, or “pillars”: nutrition, mind, motion, and compassion. The pillar of nutrition describes the problems associated with processed foods and added oils through simple yet thorough and engaging explanations. 


Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations are given for improved mental and physical health. Some of these recommendations include exercising both our mental and physical muscles, and examining our patterns, habits, self-talk, and damaging thought patterns. These are only a few of the pieces of mental and physical health advice offered, among many throughout the book.  


The last pillar, compassion, takes a look at wellness from a unique and important angle, discussing both the challenges and the benefits of living a compassionate life. Pierre says,

Throughout this book, I’ve focused on sharing nutritional, brain-building, and fitness enhancing modalities. The final pillar of health is perhaps the most important because it holds the key elements that support and reinforce the rest.” We can eat the most healthful diet and exercise consistently, but if we allow the negative energies of anger, jealousy, hatred, and greed to destroy our spirit, then we—and our planet—have little chance of thriving. This is why the pillar of compassion is so critical.

You can purchase The Pillars of Health via Pierre’s website at Or you can visit his site and check out a specific topic of interest from the list below:  




  • Pierre’s Living With Harmony nonprofit: “John Pierre is currently working on his lifelong dream of building a sanctuary and retreat center for homeless and neglected animals, and women and young girls who are recovering from abuse.”





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