Sauté the Whole-Food, Plant-Based Way

Tgage / Pixabay

One of the easiest ways to cut harmful fats and oils out of your diet is to change the way you sauté or fry your food. Almost all of us learned that onion, garlic, mushrooms, and many other vegetables should be cooked by sautéing in butters or oils, but in reality they can all be sautéed in vegetable broth, sauces, or even water with very little change in taste, and a quarter cup or so is all it takes.

You can keep a carton of vegetable broth (preferably organic) in the fridge so that it’s always handy, or just use a little bit of the dried type that comes in cubes or a small jar, and reconstitute with hot water — exact measurements aren’t necessary here.

This is a little whole-food, plant-based trick that can make a big difference in your health, and after a short time, you may wonder why you ever cooked any other way.

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