Staying Plant-Based During the Holidays

Kim Campbell

The next few weeks can pose challenges as we attend Christmas parties, travel to see family and loved ones, and prepare traditional recipes passed down from generations.  I have always loved this time of year mainly because it’s a lot of “together” time.  Here are some tips for making the holidays stress-free and healthy.

  1.  Find those traditional recipes that you can “veganize” and make them a bit healthier without sacrificing flavor. In our family, here are a few traditional recipes from the PlantPure Nation Cookbook that were family holiday recipes that I made healthier: Date Bars, Crab Cakes (became Zucchini Cakes), Chocolate Power Bites, Cranberry Orange Scones, and Gingerbread Blueberry Pancakes.
  2. Share! Bring your favorite plant-based dish that will “WOW” the crowd.  Often times this gives you that window to talk        about this lifestyle and how much you enjoy and benefit from it.  If people don’t inquire it can mean that they aren’t interested or ready to begin their journey.  Great food and recipes lure people nicely!!
  3. Eat before you go to the “event/party” so you’re not tempted to indulge in the rich animal-based foods. If it’s a dish to pass, bring something hearty that you can enjoy.
  4. Food complications often isolate people. Many times people complicate the simplicity of just eating plants into a “diet” of restrictions: no gluten, no soy, no nuts or nut butters, no sugars, only organic, no flours, GMO free, only raw …. and this list goes on.  I’m not here to comment on the validity of any of these topics, but I have watched people push away from loving friends and family because they have so many restrictions.  During this time of year, it’s nice to let go a bit while staying plant-based and not carry our restrictions “on our sleeve” so to say.  If the choice is to eat alone on a holiday or eat with loved ones, I choose the latter because my mental health is essential for living this gift of life fully.
  5. The Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle is only a small part of you. As people begin to experience great health for the first time in their lives, the urge is to become the Pied Piper of health.  While this is wonderful, it can turn people away.  Talking incessantly about the WFPB lifestyle can be as controversial as faith or politics.
  6. If you get off track, get right back on! You have three meals a day to make corrections and your body will make those corrections beautifully.  Mistakes are in the past and all that matters is continuing your journey of great health.  Enjoy the season my friends!!


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