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 Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation Producer debuts PlantPure Health and Weight Loss Program


PETERSBURG, FL – NOVEMBER 8, 2017 - Forks Over Knives and PlantPure Nation examined the significant health benefits of a plant-based diet, not only in preventing chronic diseases, but in sometimes reversing serious medical conditions such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. “Those films struck a nerve on Netflix and helped inspire thousands of people to try the plant-based diet,” producer John Corry stated. “For some, natural weight loss is the best part of the diet, so we set out to create an entirely new diet program centered around motivational education and delivered plant-based food.” Now Corry is turning his attention to helping Tampa Bay residents lose weight and enjoy all the health benefits of a plant-based diet.

As part of the launch, PlantPure Health & Weight Loss will take part in Tampa’s Et Cultura Festival, on November 15th from 7-10pm at the downtown music venue Jannus Live.  The evening’s theme is LIVE WELL – with plant-based icons such as best-selling authors Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study), and Dr. Michael Greger (How Not To Die), TV Producer JD Roth (The Biggest Loser), director Nelson Campbell (PlantPure Nation), author Kim Campbell (PlantPure Nation Cookbook), and Boca Raton physician Laurie Marbas (How To Health Podcast). 

With help from Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son Nelson along with his business partner Steve Kehoe, Corry created a five-hour seminar as the cornerstone of the weight loss program. “While some people need to be convinced with scientific evidence, we also injected real life testimonies to deliver the message on an emotional level, because we are literally talking about life and death,” states Steve. 

Two facets of the program set it apart from others in the space. First, it includes local content to help Tampa Bay residents succeed in the program. “We wanted to combine that high impact seminar experience with customized local content for people living in St. Petersburg,” he said.  “When you are new to the lifestyle it’s helpful to know where the best restaurants are located, where to find social support, and when events such as the Tampa Bay Veg Fest are scheduled.” Second, it is one of the first weight loss programs in the U.S. that feature delivered, plant-based meals.

The 28-day program also includes a shopping trip, a cooking class and a reunion party.  “It’s got some elements of Weight Watchers, such as the group experience, and it’s similar to Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem because we provide our own line of flash frozen and dry line entrees,” said business partner, Steve Kehoe.  The PlantPure Nation Cookbook’s author Kim Campbell developed the recipes for the entrees, which are made from whole foods and delivered in generous one-pound servings.

Thirty participants took part in the first pilot class, and despite hurricane Irma, the group had an average weight loss of 8.5 lbs. and a total cholesterol drop of 17% in 28 days.  Grocery gift certificates were awarded for the most weight lost (18 lbs.) and the largest drop in cholesterol (71 points).

The program is also being licensed to territories outside Tampa Bay.  “Health professionals don’t often have the time to teach their patients lifestyle and diet skills,” says Corry.  “We give them an exciting turnkey program to scale the instruction for large groups to help more people.  The best part is the delivered food.  You can watch a film or you can read a book about the whole foods, plant-based diet, but there is no substitute for changing your body’s chemistry completely to experience what it feels like.” 

Tampa Bay area classes begin Nov 20th in St. Pete, and Nov 30th in Palm Harbor.



John Corry attended Seminole High School near St. Petersburg and Florida State University before launching a career in film and television in Los Angeles.  His team plans to license and customize the program for doctors, dieticians and nutritionists in other cites. PlantPure Health & Weight Loss is a subsidiary of PlantPure, Inc. For more information about the health and weight loss program, visit:



The PlantPure portfolio of products includes films, food, cookbooks, a concept café, leadership summits and collaborative initiatives with state and local governments. PlantPure, Inc. is led by Nelson Campbell, CEO and Director of PlantPure Nation and Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of landmark book The China Study, is the Chief Science Advisor. Visit for more information.


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