4-9-20 Nelson Campbell's Message

Good Morning,

We have a couple of exciting announcements to share today. First, we are holding our first PlantPure Kitchen Live class this evening at 6:30, hosted by nationally recognized cookbook author Kim Campbell. If you have not already done so, please check out this new program on our website, at PlantPureNation.com.

In addition, if you have not seen my father’s new article on the connection of nutrition to Covid-19, you can find it here and a video interview where he discusses the article here. He makes a convincing case for nutrition as a strategy for boosting our immune systems.  

In the article, you will also see a reference to a free Global 10-Day Jumpstart sponsored by the nonprofit PlantPure Communities, which commences on April 19th.  

Hope all of you are staying healthy, and also successfully navigating through this period of social distancing. I personally have found it difficult to be so disconnected from others. I guess the silver lining in this crisis is the confirmation for all of us of the importance of human connection.  Technology can never replace direct human connection. I think we sometimes put too much faith in technology.

The good news is that all things eventually pass. We will get through to the other side of this, so hang in there!