Nina Cooke on Diet and Lifestyle Habits

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PYP 152: Nina Cooke on Being One Thought Away from Happiness

Listen to Nina Cooke on the “Plant Yourself Podcast” as she talks about the ways our thoughts shape behaviors, as this relates to a plant-based lifestyle and mental health. Nina is a performance or a “business freedom coach” as she calls herself ( She talks about limiting beliefs, which she describes as a “propensity to compare ourselves to other people and find that we fall short.” This propensity often becomes a fear of failure, or how others will perceive this failure, as described by Cooke. She discusses the importance of allowing ourselves to be part of the learning curve and feel good about where we’re at. When making health changes, Cooke discusses how feeling bad about where we are is the worst mindset to be in when making health changes. This is a great listen, whether you’ve been plant-based for years or are in the beginning stages!


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