How to Turn a SAD (standard American diet) Eater Away from a WFPB diet.

I have been plant-based for over a decade and through the years have watched others (and myself) say things that discourage someone on a Standard American Diet from ever trying plant-based eating.  Here are some simple tips to ensure that they will never try a plant-based lifestyle.

  1. Make sure when at a restaurant or party that you let everyone know of the dishes you CANNOT eat because of the harmful ingredients.
  2. Make sure you lecture people on the evils of poor nutrition, especially those people who have not yet shown any interest or asked any questions about plant-based eating.
  3. Make sure you mention repeatedly and in a judgmental tone all the other evils associated with animal products.  

By now, you realize I am being facetious, but how often have we all done at least one of the above ‘tips’ without even realizing it? The real way to attract a SAD eater is to just model (quietly) how easy, fun and delicious your lifestyle is.  They will see how vibrant and healthy you are and want the same thing.  When they come to you asking about your lifestyle - keep your answers short, simple, and most of all, stated with humility!


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