Swapping the Salt

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Oftentimes we think that less salt equals less flavor. With the right seasonings, however, it’s actually possible to increase flavor without salt. Before adding salt to your meal, try some of these flavor-enhancing, salt substitutes.



Photo courtesy of Pixabay.  

Not only can vinegar be a salt substitute, but it provides more flavor and is available in many different varieties. Vinegar also is a key ingredient in oil-free, plant-based salad dressings.


Garlic, Pepper, Lemon, or Lime Juice:

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Using these flavorings together, or individually, adds significant flavor to a dish and decreases the need for salt. Fresh or dried herbs, like cilantro, basil, thyme, and parsley, among others, are also useful as flavor enhancers.  


Kelp Granules:

This sea vegetable brings out the flavor in dishes and is full of B vitamins.  


Nutritional Yeast:

Nutritional yeast adds a “cheesy” or nutty flavor to dishes and can offset the need for more salt.


If you want something ready made, try Benson’s Table Tasty, which is a popular salt replacer, made from dehydrated lemon peel.  


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