Traveling Plant-Based

As we travel for a family trip to the mountains in West Virginia, staying plant-based is important.  It will be a six hour drive and once we get to our location we will have limited access to both grocery stores and restaurants.  I am approaching the trip with the attitude that we will stay as true to our diet as possible, but knowing that we might need to compromise a little here and there.  Giving ourselves a little leeway will enable us to relax and have fun on our vacation.  

Staying whole food, plant-based makes me happy, but I also realize that when we go out to restaurants there might be a little more oil, salt, sugar and flour than I normally eat at home.  The food also may not be as tasty as as the dishes prepared in my own kitchen, but that is OK because my main goal is to have fun and relax.  It takes the joy out of the trip if I focus too much on how ‘perfect’ my food is.  I want to focus on hiking through the mountains and hanging out with my family.  

For a few days I will indulge in a less than perfect diet, but when I get home I will stock up on all of my favorite fruits and vegetables and create some awesome plant-based meals.  For these next few days though, I am going to relax, have fun and be OK with not being perfect!


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