A Highlight From our Newsletter: Leaving No One Behind

Yesterday, on a rare day off, I took an extra long time at the gym. I did a longer workout, and then rewarded myself with a visit to the sauna.

Sitting across from me was an older gentleman. I don’t remember exactly how the discussion started, but it soon led to a place very personal to him. He shared with me that he had served in Vietnam for two years as a paratrooper. He was one of the guys who jumped from planes into the jungle, with a backpack and gun strapped to his back.

While there, he suffered a number of debilitating injuries, including a damaged, and now chronically pained spine, as well as shrapnel in his legs, buttocks, back, and head. Worst of all, he suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome.

His dad died a couple of years after his return. His mom died a few years after that, followed by his only sibling. He now lives alone, wrestling the demons from his past, and struggling with an array of health problems. He has tried to get help from the Veterans Administration, but he says effective help has been a near impossibility. The only “solution” they have given him is an extensive cocktail of drugs.

Needless to say, he does not trust our government, which gave me an opportunity for some discussion about our movie, PlantPure Nation. As I told the story, I explained to him the healing powers of a plant-based diet, and how this diet, combined with other practices like meditation, exercising, getting moderate exposure to sunshine, and staying hydrated, might offer some relief. Then the discussion turned to the specific support we offer, including our food line. I discovered that my new friend is of limited means, without even a computer or cell phone. So I suggested he stop by my office later in the week so I could give him some key components of our Jumpstart program and share ideas for going plant-based in a cost-effective way. I told him this was the least I could do for a man who had given so much. Luckily, he used to work in a deli and likes to cook.

I left the gym having gained a new friend, and some extra motivation for developing strategies that will provide people like him access to information on the healing powers of a plant-based diet, and to highly affordable food options. We are working on a number of such strategies now, and will be ready to announce the first of these later in June. So stay tuned.

We are going to do some things that no other company has done before. Our bottom line is a human one. Yes, we need to achieve financial success, because without this, we cannot sustain ourselves. But what we want most of all is to launch a social movement, and this cannot happen unless it involves everyone.

We will leave no one behind.

— Nelson Campbell


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