Educate Yourself!


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Many people don’t know the wealth of resources out there in the plant-based world. Whether the subject is recipes, cooking tips, or information on the psychology of eating and behavior, anyone can find information on their area of interest.  


1) Podcasts are a great way to educate yourself while doing other daily tasks that don’t necessarily require your full attention. Listening during your daily commute, while doing chores, or while walking the dog can make these tasks more enjoyable and mentally stimulating. Check out these great plant-based podcasts:   





2) Flipboard lets you enter a search phrase, and flip through any stories relating to your topic.  Go to, create an account (all free) and start searching. Try the following searches for the best results:  

  • Whole-Food Plant-Based                     
  • Plant-Based Recipes
  • Plant-Based Whole-Food living
  • Plant-Based Recipes





3) Exploring plant-based blogs connects you to others spreading the same message. Here are some blogs we recommend:


4) These sites contain articles on just about every plant-based topic of interest:


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