Finding a Plant Based Physician

by Agile Collaborator May 05, 2016

Finding a Plant Based Physician

Check out these resources to find a plant-based-friendly physician in your area:



“The Plant Based Doctors site is a database of health care practitioners that understand the importance of nutrition and support a whole foods plant based diet. Our mission is to connect you with a nearby health care practitioner who can provide the support and guidance needed for your long-term success.”


2.) Happy Herbivore’s Plant-Based Doctors List

The list includes general practitioners ob/gyns, pediatricians, naturopathic doctors, surgeons and much, much more! And for my international (outside of the U.S.) Herbies, there are listings for you too!

3.) VegDocs  

”On this site you will be able to find doctors in your area who understand plant-based nutrition. You will be able to suggest physicians to the directory so that others in your area may benefit from the referral. And, you can suggest questions that people might use to ask a physician about their knowledge and feelings about the vegan lifestyle. “


4.) Plant-Based Docs

“Plant-Based Docs, a division of The Plantrician Project, is a searchable, global directory of physicians, clinicians and allied health professionals who understand that a pill for every ill is not the answer.”


Can’t find a plant-based doctor in your area? Read this article by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Jeff Novick, in which they discuss how to work with your physician, showing him or her the positive changes as you transition to a plant-based diet. This way, your physician can work with you to lower and adjust meds, and in the process, become educated about a plant-based diet through watching your progress.  

Tuesdays with Jeff: Insights Into Your Health: How To Find a Plant-Based Doctor


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Agile Collaborator
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