A PlantPure Testimonial: Kimberly Morrison

"My Name is Kimberly Morrison. I am 51 years young and I am excitingly loving being a vegan. My vegan lifestyle started just 5 weeks ago and has proven to be a healing source in my life. For 20 years I was on hypertension medication along with several more meds. My blood pressure mg was 320mg 25.5 HCT which is very high. Since my vegan journey just in 4 weeks I have reduced my blood pressure medication to half. The rest of the meds I no longer take. I've had the best blood pressure readings I had in 20 years. I even lost 12 lbs.! I ultimately chose the Vegan lifestyle because I was following a Raw Vegan on Periscope named tierragoesgreen and she suggested watching "Forks over Knives " and that lured me in.

As I have been into health and fitness for several years, teaching Zumba, doing Crossfit, and other fitness activities, I still didn't feel healthy but I looked darn good! I knew something different had to happen, so I started searching for healthy alternative lifestyles. There was Paleo, Mediterranean, and other lifestyles, however those lifestyles just didn't work for me until I tried the vegan lifestyle. And the reason none of the others worked is because they all incorporate meat in that lifestyle. To sum this all up, the vegan lifestyle has proven to be a healing, enjoyable, refreshing, and enlightening experience. This picture is a “before and after” of me in 2008 and 2016."

- Kimberly Morrison, Clarksville, TN


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