A Testimonial From PlantPure Challenge Winner Pauline Samual

"My name is Pauline Sumual and I am 22 years old currently residing in Chicago, IL. About a month ago I was watching a number of documentaries on Netflix associated with American's daily consumption of food and what they put in their bodies. One of them was PlantPure Nation. Throughout my college years I've done a number of research on politics and the correlation between the politicians and their voters. I did not realize the role of corporations in the political world. After watching these documentaries they all started to make sense. My curiosity had taken over me, and I felt educated. So, I took it on as a test to myself and went on a whole food plant based diet. Since then, I noticed I could fit in my old clothes and my anxiety had disappeared dramatically. I felt more relaxed, lighter, and happier than ever. 

December 25th, 2016 was when my mother died of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. I had always thought cancer was based on genetics and had feared that I would turn out to be like my mother. She did not make it to her 50th year. I remember her last words to me which were, to always take care of my own body. My father had recently gotten out of jail and trying to make it on my own without help from anyone else in this condition was difficult. I found comfort and support from cheap food consisting of a lot of meat products. I was conditioned to survive off of this lifestyle. 

A month ago I decided to be aware. To take charge of my own health. To be happy. I chose to be happy. Now, I want to share some of my own short experience that I believe will give me more lasting benefits if I stay dedicated and adopt this healthy lifestyle long term. I want to let others know that what they put in their body not only affects them, but it affects others. It affects the system and I want to change the rigged system of government that has condition us to become sick. I would like to make a difference through compassion without expecting anything in return. I want the world to be sustainable for the next generation."
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