Getting the Most out of Your Summer Veggies!


During the summer we love to visit our local farmer’s markets and stock up on a bounty of fresh and colorful produce.  The only problem is that often times we get home and unpack all of the beautiful fruits and vegetables and are a bit overwhelmed with how  to use all of it!  

This past weekend we tried water-bath canning which is a method that allows you to can your produce using a quick and easy technique that is not nearly as labor intensive as your grandmother’s canning.  It took us about 45 minutes to ‘can’ our produce.  The finished product will be ready to eat within 48 hours and lasts up to 2 months.  We canned cucumbers, cherry peppers and jalapeños, but plan on trying green beans and carrots next.  The experience was fun and creative and  a great gift to share with friends.


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