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Small Space Gardens

Because of space limitations, this summer was the first time in many years that I did not have a garden.  One of my favorite things to do in past summers was to walk out into the garden and pick a handful of herbs to brighten my plant-based dishes.  I decided to create a “small-space garden” on our front porch steps and planted rosemary, basil, thyme and mint in pots.  They turned out to be a decorative, productive and attractive addition to our front porch. 

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Getting the Most out of Your Summer Veggies!

During the summer we love to visit our local farmer’s markets and stock up on a bounty of fresh and colorful produce.  The only problem is that often times we get home and unpack all of the beautiful fruits and vegetables and are a bit overwhelmed with how  to use all of it! 

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Why No Oil?

Kim Campbell Cooking without oil can be a challenge at first, but once you learn how to make the correct substitutions it truly becomes second nature.  Also, your taste buds will begin to adapt and change within just a few weeks, reducing your preference for oil.  If you are you looking for quick and easyRead more The post Why No Oil? appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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The Food We Eat

This Ted Talk explores the state of food in America, why we eat what we eat, and how our supermarkets have shaped the future of food.  Food editor and writer Mark Bittman explains why 40% of the food in American supermarkets doesn’t qualify as real food.  Bittman notes that food, by its dictionary definition, isRead more The post The Food We Eat appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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Indianapolis’ Urban Farms Help to Tackle Urban Problems

Indy Urban Acres, a “high-tech hydroponic farm,” is tackling food and job insecurity in Indianapolis. On just five acres of land, the farm produces 35,000 pounds of produce for local food banks annually. The other three acres of the farm are used as an educational space, which is central to the farm’s mission. Tyler Gough,Read more The post Indianapolis’ Urban Farms Help to Tackle Urban Problems appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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Diet for a Small Planet

       Photo Courtesy of Pixabay In the 1970’s and 80’s, world hunger and famine were common images in the evening news.  Many predicted that diminishing food supply, and growing populations would inevitably lead to a “doomsday scenario.”  Lappe, however, argued for a solution to this scenario, pointing out that there were “more thanRead more The post Diet for a Small Planet appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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What’s a CSA?

CSA stands for “community supported agriculture,” and these programs are a perfect way to support your local farmers and develop a direct connection to your food source. When you join a CSA, you’re purchasing a “share” of produce. This means that you’ll receive a set amount of produce periodically (usually weekly), but the type ofRead more The post What’s a CSA? appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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Food is Elementary

Listen to Antonia Demas, founder and director of the Food Studies Institute, discuss overhauling food education on the Plant Yourself Podcast by visiting:   Demas became interested in food and nutrition at a young age, becoming a vegetarian at 14, when vegetarianism was far less common. Her passion is educating children about food, through whatRead more The post Food is Elementary appeared first on PlantPure Nation.

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