My Favorite Products

Laura Dietrich

Over the years I have found several products that make plant-based cooking easier and more flavorful.  These products add another layer of seasoning that really help to make my plant-based creations delicious.  Here are a few of my favorite pantry items that I always have on hand.

  • Dorot frozen spices (garlic, basil and cilantro) – You can find this product in the freezer section of many grocery stores.  It consists of pureed herbs frozen in small cubes that are easy to pop out and use in recipes.  The garlic is a real time saver because each cube is equivalent to 1 clove of garlic minus the peeling and chopping.
  • Better Than Bouillon Seasoned Vegetable Base – I love this product because instead of opening a carton of vegetable broth and only using 1 cup and then having the rest go to waste, I can just make 1 cup using 1 teaspoon of the base with 1 cup water.  I also find that the broth is much more flavorful than a traditional carton of veg broth.
  • Not-Beef and Not-Chicken Rich Savory Broth and Seasoning cubes – I use these products when my recipe is mimicking either a chicken or beef dish.  For instance if I am making a chicken noodle soup I use the chicken-less cubes.  If my recipe is a beef stew or stroganoff I use the beef-less cubes.  The cubes enhance my dishes with a flavor that is really similar to chicken or beef without the meat product.
  • Trader Joe’s Tahini Sauce -This is definitely one of my favorites.  I use it any time tahini paste is called for.  It has a smoother consistency and superior flavor.  I find that it definitely enhances my recipes.
  • Christopher Ranch Chopped Ginger in a jar – I tend to use a lot of ginger in recipes and find that having to keep ginger root on hand can be difficult.  Also, grating the ginger and clean-up afterwards can be time consuming.  With this product I just measure out the amount I need for the recipe and store the unused amount in the refrigerator. 

Bon Appetit!


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