Starts With One


Singer and songwriter Kerrie Roberts has been singing since the age of 5, surrounded by a family that shared her passion. She has continued to follow her passion ever since.  

This passion led her and her co-writer, Steve Johnson, to write “Starts with One,” featured in the PlantPure Nation documentary. Knowing that Steve shared her passion for a plant-based lifestyle, they decided to write a song specifically for the documentary. Steve says the film motivated him even further to spread the message. Kerry calls it “lightning in a bottle” to “chase something like that and have a movie actually want it.” She describes how amazing it was to write the lyrics “a revolution starts with one,” watching Nelson talk about creating a revolution at the end of the film, and seeing it all come together. Kerry calls it an “honor to be a part of something I truly believe in.” 1

When asked what she wants her audience to walk away with, she says, “I want to share the unconditional love that I’ve had poured into my own life. I hope that when people listen to my songs, and identify with the emotion in them, that they will know they’re not alone. And ultimately, I want listeners to be filled with a sense of purpose—a realization of truth and a promotion of hope and healing.”

Starts with One is now available for purchase on iTunes:




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